This will regroup all the modules I developed for Gallery3 http://codex.galleryproject.org/User:Letic
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Gallery3 Contrib

These are unofficial modules, themes and utilities for Gallery 3
created by the Gallery community.  Many of them add considerable value
to your Gallery 3 install, but they come with no official support from
the core Gallery team.

To discuss anything you find here, please refer to the Gallery forums:


For an easy interface to download and install individual modules,
please refer to:



This will regroup all the modules I developed for Gallery3
 - Jpegtran
This is a simple plugin to use jpegtran to do lossless rotation of images in jpegtran.
It includes an admin page with auto-detection of the jpegtran path

 - Plupload
This is a module to address this bug: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/gallery/ticket/1050
It replaces the default flash based swfupload by plupload which allows to resize images before sending them to the server

Homepage: http://codex.galleryproject.org/User:Letic